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  • We always wanted our quintet to have the sound and power of a big orchestra and Tango ideas was able to achieve this through their adaptations.
    - Takashi Miyake, Japan
  • Tango ideas’ adaptations manage to portray the spirit of the original arrangement while, at the same time, allowing each musician to feel they are the protagonist.
    - Yvonne Levallois, Francia


It is often the case that an ensemble would like to interpret an arrangement that was originally envisioned for a different formation and are not sure how to approach the task. To do so, it would be necessary to adapt the ideas of the original arranger in order to make them suited to the new group, preserving the spirit in which it was originally conceived and at the same time ensuring that there is a certain consistency in how it sounds.

Tangoideas adapts scores for all types of ensembles. 


  • Danzarin (J. Plaza)

  • Invierno porteño (A. Piazzolla)

  • La mufa (A. Piazzolla)

  • Sur (A. Troilo)