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What is an arrangement?

An arrangement is basically to develop new ideas from the composer original idea, seeking to enhance and beautify the original composition through various resources (orchestration, re-harmonization, modulation, textural and melodic variations, etc.) The word arrangement suggests the idea of change or adjust something to display it in a more elegant way, like a wooden dollRead More

The importance of arrangements in tango

The arrangement in the popular music tradition was taking a rising degree of importance as the music and film industry consolidated from the years 40′. The tango was not indifferent to this phenomenon, so much so that the arrangement was a key element in the production process of the typical orchestras. Tango arrangements How toRead More

El bandoneón y el tango

The origin of the tango as a cultural phenomenon is closely linked to the arrival of European immigrants to Buenos Aires in the early twentieth century. Particularly in the musical aspect, this contribution was linked to the use of instruments of classical European tradition The bandoneon was also an immigrant more. He came from GermanyRead More