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How long does work take?

10 to 20 days, except for specific projects where the delivery time is necessarily greater.

Are all arrangements original?

Yes. Tangoideas creates exclusive arrangements. This means that you can play, record and share the arrangement in the knowledge that it is original material. However, you may not put your own name to the arrangement and, if the material is recorded, we request that we are included in the credits and that you, where possible, send us a copy of the material. We should use an original arrangement for demonstration purposes at our website or social networks, but we will not sell these works to other customers.

How are scores sent?

Scores, both the overall score and individual parts for each musician, are sent by email in PDF format accompanied by audio referencing.

Should the work be paid before starting or after completion?

Once we receive the request (see Contact Us), we send an e-mail with a detailed quotation. If this is accepted, Tangoideas   will create a 40 to 50 second demonstration which is sent by email. If the client agrees, he/she must then deposit the total sum of the cost of the work and will then receive by email the complete work within 1 to 3 weeks.

How can I pay for the work?

Various payment methods are available. If you live in Argentina, you can pay by bank transfer or Mercado Pago. If you live outside Argentina, you may do so via PayPal.

After receipt of the score, will it be possible to make modifications?

Yes. However, all modifications must be without exception sent in together in one request and these should be solely modifications of a specifically technical nature (passages which may be difficult to interpret, etc.). No subjective issues connected with taste or style will be considered as Tangoideas will have sent a fragment – for the client to accept or reject – before commencement of the work.

I wrote a tango but I need an arrangement. Can you carry this out?

Yes. In that case, in addition to completing the request form, please send us the score or recording with melody and chords. We analyze the work and decide whether there is a possibility to complete the task.

Is a catalog of sheet music available?

No, we only carry out commisioned works. For this reason we do not offer sheet music by catalog. You will find our Tango Standards edition into the Downloads section, but not our arrangements, transcriptions or adaptations.

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