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Frequently, musicians – and especially singers – want to record an album but do not know where to start. There are certain steps that it is necessary to undertake prior to recording in a studio and these help to deliver a recording that is convincing and compelling : putting together a repertoire, arranging material, choosing the right blend of ensemble to be used throughout the album and, post-recording, the management of the recorded material by people with the skills to do so.

Tangoideas provides all these services to clients and has available the professional musicians needed to bring your project to fruition.


Audiovisual language and theater have been linked to music right from the outset. This fact helps to contextualize the narrative, to unify the scenes, to give psychological and narrative depth to the characters. Music is an essential element in the conception of the work and forms an integral part of the whole.

Tangoideas composes original incidental music original, both for audiovisual material and for plays.

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