The arrangement in the popular music tradition was taking a rising degree of importance as the music and film industry consolidated from the years 40′. The tango was not indifferent to this phenomenon, so much so that the arrangement was a key element in the production process of the typical orchestras.

How to ensure that each orchestra had a hallmark? How to achieve that listeners prefer an orchestra over another? The answer was in the pen of the arrangers, who through their education, they managed to capture and consolidate differentiating the style of each group of others. In this way the tango achieving such a development of the arrangement that the same composition heard by three orchestras of different style results in three new works based on an alien idea.

Tango Ideas rescue work that way accompanied by a thorough analysis of such arrangements that managed to give each orchestra tango a thin and elegant dress and gender-positioned as one of the most original music of the twentieth century


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